Rabu, September 24, 2014
SEOUL-(IDB) : Development of recruitment, contract signing and development center established after the reorganization
- KF-X core technologies such as previous proceeding smoothly, foreign investment negotiations

□ Following the development of recruitment projects for large national Korean fighter (KF-X), a small, armed civilian helicopter (LCH · LAH) such as Korea Aerospace no ㈜ (KAI) is ready for development, such as development centers established setback The progress.

‣ KAI has launched a reorganization in January of this year, such as KF-X, the new headquarters and the LCH · LAH projects have been prepared to promote the business. Last month, Jobs announced a research and development plan together employ 1,000 people and received 11 days after starting this month signed an agreement for the real promotion and development center established, POSCO Engineering and KF-X / LCH LAH in the construction business and want they 16 days said.

‣ scheduled for construction in Gyeongnam Development Center, Sichuan KAI headquarters stands for East with advanced testing including test equipment capable of simultaneous engineering and research building. 07 ground floor basement, the building area 4,231㎡ (1,280 square meters), coming to a scale that can accommodate about 2,000 researchers in size (7,410 square meters) of the total floor area 244,96㎡ be completed in November 2015.

□ KF-X project is to replace the aging Air Force fighters F 4-/ 5, the flagship of our Air Force KF-16 fighters to the development of our technology in the fighter business more midrange performance, the development period of about 10 years and 6 months, since its introduction is geongun arms up business in conjunction with production costs put the total project cost is more than 18 trillion.

Bidding plan comes through November to select the target company to enter into a development agreement negotiations with plans to urgently undertake as a very serious concern that the Air Force space power development master plan review until September and December ‣ First DAPA The.

And his success KAI KF-X also has a successful business development experience in large national projects □ basic trainer KT-1, supersonic advanced trainer T-50, the attacker FA-50, domestic helicopter KUH-1 (repairs on), etc.

‣ KAI said, "More than 3,000 employees of various domestic aircraft with a total of five models of development experience and research and development staff of 1,000 people is the biggest asset of the new recruitment KAI" said "is very important to national defense and economic development, national projects is equipped to go out prepared for a successful business by, "he said.

‣ In particular, concerning the international technology transfer for KF-X said, "will be concluded by the end of 9 FX-3 car containing the KF-X core business technology transfer agreements our government" has dismissed the concerns of some,

"To date, negotiations have been proceeding smoothly." ‣ foreign investment and "Lockheed Martin has invested 13% of the T-50 T-50 development costs as a partner in the joint development already experienced, TX United States advanced trainer replacement of business business Plans and maintains strategic partnerships with KAI KF-X's are also reported positive investment, "he said.

‣ Indonesia for the investment "is very active in the co-development of the KF-X Indonesia is also exporting it to the first KT-1, T-50 is constructed of a very special relationship between the two countries." And "between the two governments are final progress measures and steps that embody the cooperation negotiations, "he said.

□ Ministry of Small Industries usually 10,000lb Agency Business Class is being promoted jointly civilian defense / armed helicopter (LCH / LAH) business KAI has been named in July organized by developers and business agreements and contracts after the coming November this development begins in earnest next year.

Source : Chosun

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