Rabu, Maret 05, 2014
SEOUL-(IDB) : After a decade-long delay, Korea’s indigenous fighter program is about to officially hit the road with bidding by partner firms scheduled for next month.

However, which design concept to go with — a single- or twin-engine aircraft — is emerging as the biggest sticking point in the program, codenamed KF-X.

Currently, the state-run Agency for Defense Development (ADD), siding with the Air Force, claims the nation’s future fighter should be a two-engine, clean-sheet aircraft, proposing a design labeled C103.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), on the other hand, has promoted a single-engine version of an aircraft, named C501, to be derived from the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) FA-50 light attack fighter, saying the plane is cheaper and easier to develop and build than the ADD preference.

The KF-X, aimed at manufacturing “F-16+ class” fighter jets with the help of global defense contractors to fill a fighter gap envisioned the next decade, has been delayed due to budget constraints and questions over its feasibility.

The program, initiated by the late former President Kim Dae-jung in March 2001, had its basic strategy resolved in April 2010 and the ADD conducted a final study on the feasibility of the development program between 2011 and 2012. The Air Force plans to secure 120 new jets to replace its aging fleet of F-4s and F-5s under the fighter project.

In January, 20 billion won ($18.7 million) from the defense budget for 2014 was appropriated for deciding on its design and engine, and DAPA said it would begin accepting bids from manufacturers to participate in the indigenous program in April.
The Korean Air Force believes that more than anything else, a twin-engine aircraft has better combat performance as well as better safety.

“Twin-engine fighters are more expensive, but they can carry heavier payloads over longer distances,” said Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor of FlightGlobal, an aviation and aerospace industry website.

“In addition, a twin-engine fighter provides a larger margin of safety in that if the pilot loses one engine, he can usually make it back to base with the remaining one.”

The Air Force also prefers the twin-engine version for possible future upgrades.

“The C103 is a Eurofighter-like 4.5th-generation plane that can easily be upgraded to a fifth-generation fighter, while the C501 is a fourth-generation one,” said a local aviation analyst on condition of anonymity.

The ADD has reserved space for a conformable weapons bay in its C103 design, which would give it the makings of a low-observable fighter.

The analyst said that if Korea opts for the twin-engine aircraft in the KF-X, the combat plane will eventually be able to replace the Air Force’s F-16s and F-15s in the future.

“Otherwise, the KF-X will only end up as replacement for F-4s and F-5s,” he said.

Thus far, the Korean Air Force has only used the American airplanes, so it has been troubled by U.S. interference in international sales and upgrades.

The Air Force says the clean-sheet, brand-new aircraft will be free from that hindrance. The KAI FA-50 is based on the T-50 supersonic trainer, co-developed with Lockheed Martin.

“The biggest advantage is that Korea will be able to export it without an export license (from the United States),” said Yang Uk, a senior research fellow at the Korea Defense and Security Forum.

“The aircraft will help the Air Force save operational and maintenance costs, as well.”

In addition, the Air Force says that the development of F-16-class fighters will be meaningless because the KF-X planes will enter service from 2023, with neighboring countries such as China and Japan featuring advanced stealth jets — J-20s and F-35s, respectively.

“In terms of military strategy and military buildup, considering the operational environment of the 2030s to 2050s, the Air Force believes that a twin-engine fighter is a better choice,” said an Air Force officer.

“However, it is the defense ministry’s task force who calls the shots and we will follow the decision.”

According to KAI, the C501 will be built based on the FA-50, although it will be larger, but Yang said that the up-sizing plan is unfeasible.

“If the C501 is built based on FA-50, KAI should redesign the plane’s aerodynamics, which will pose a big financial burden,” he said.

“If so, there will not be much difference between the C501 and C103 in terms of cost and development time.”

However, according to the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP) in November, the single-engine design will cost 6.4 trillion won for development, compared with 8.6 trillion won for the twin-engine aircraft. In addition, the single-engine plane’s operational and maintenance costs were evaluated at about 1 trillion won cheaper, along with earlier deployment — 10.5 years for the twin-engine model and 8.5 years for the single version.

“KAI is a listed company, so they should consider seeking a profit from the KF-X,” said the aviation analyst.

Richard Aboulafia, vice president of the Virginia-based Teal Group, believes that there is definitely a market for a new medium weight affordable fighter design in the coming decades. Lockheed Martin is expected to close its near-ubiquitous F-16 production line in 2015.

“The KF-X should follow previous successful medium fighters like the F-16 and Dassault Mirage series,” he said.

Aboulafia also said that a decision to make the KF-X a twin-engine design would be very damaging to export prospects.

“Two large combat engines would make the KF-X too large and expensive for most of the export fighter market,” he said.

“On the flip side, if two small civilian engines are adapted for combat use, that would make the KF-X an underperforming and inadequate plane, much like Taiwan’s Ching Kuo.”

In terms of combat performance, the number of engine is not a conclusive factor.

“The engine is a crucial part of a combat aircraft, but it is merely one aspect of a system of systems. Employed properly, both single and twin-engine fighters can be highly effective in combat.” Waldron said.

James Hardy, Asia-Pacific editor of IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly, calls the Air Force’s preference for a twin-engine aircraft “ironic” given that it turned down twin-engine F-15 in favor of the single-engine F-35 in the F-X III competition last year.

“Single engine aircraft are no longer seen as inferior for most missions — thus the F-35 is single-engine, as are the F-16 and Saab Gripen,” he said.

Yang said that there is no clear definition for the KF-X and that has led to ceaseless debates.

“If an aircraft from the KF-X achieves stealth fighter status, it is a high-class fighter jet now, but it will be a medium fighter in 2025-26. There is no clear standard for a medium-class aircraft,” he said.

“I believe that KAI will be able to manufacture the high-class plane, should it get more funds. If the government really wants to see economic effects from the KF-X, it should be a national project.”

DAPA wants a participant to optionally pay 20 percent of the KF-X development cost, which will prevent KAI from developing a twin-engine aircraft that requires more technical effort. In addition, the arms procurement agency will require compensation for any delay in deployment, the unidentified analyst said.

“If a decision to go ahead with a twin-engine design is made, the government should ease the company’s financial burden,” he said.

Source : KoreaTimes

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  1. Pada waktu Indonesia berhasil membuat Panser Anoa, lalu membuat KCR 40 dengan rudal C-705, 802, lalu memodifikasi frigate tua kelas Achmad Yani dengan mengganti mesin induknya dan menambahkan rudal Yakhont, lalu LAPAN gembar-gembor untuk membuat 1000 rudal Rhan dan sebagainya ,,, pihak BARAT sangat berkepentingan untuk mengetahui sampai sejauh mana kemapuan Indonesia untuk membuat pesawat tempur, karena Indonesia sudah menguasai teknologi pesawat sejak lama ,,,, maka Korea Selatan disuruh Barat untuk pura-pura kerjasama membuat pesawat sambil memancing tingkat penguasaan teknologi dirgantara !!!
    Oleh karena itu sudahi saja proyek dengan Korsel karena mereka tidak serius !!! bagi mereka lebih baik beli F-35 langsung atau meminta perlindungan udara dari AS di Okinawa,,, nggak masuk akal kalau mereka mau membuat pesawat sendiri,,, dengan keagresipan Korut, sudah nggak ada waktu lagi !!! darisini terbukti Korsel itu tidak serius kerjasama program KF-X ini !

    Mendingan kita kerjasama dengan SUKHOI,,, mereka udah serius untuk membuat pabrik di Indonesia ! apalagi yang ditunggu wahai pemimpin-pemimpin Indonesia ???? nunggu dukungan pemilu dari Barat yaa???? akakakakakakakakakakakakakkkk

    1. Hhhkwkw....bettul sip..sip....proyek kfx suram dan gak jellas pemerintah mengeluarkan biyaya besar gak bisa di pertqnggung jawap kan hasilnya kayak apa ? ....kalau bicara panjang kfx 10 tahun lagi hanya menghasilkan jet tempur generasi 4+...mendingan kerja sama jas gripen hasil sudah jellas biyaya murah bisa di produksi di bandung pt DI .sama 2 mawon buatan barat ...korea minim pengalaman semua component kfx buatan america , proyek f35 jsf steatlh lockheet martine jadi perdebatan di congres dpr nya america biyaya membengakak hasil jauh di bawah kualitas , bicara jujur apa lagi korea semua serba america apa gak suram kfx .

    2. iya bener tuh! contohnya ajaa ,,, singapur yang udah protes2 soal Usman Harun eeeh masih muka tebel mau minta tanah di batam, bintan dan jarimun buat bisnis,,, kelihatannya sih baik mau investasi,,, tapi sebenarnya mereka mau ngeblok tanah duluan mengantisipasi kalau nanti presiden Indonesia yg baru itu umpamanya Prabowo yang garis keras,,, pulau-pulau itu tidak dijadikan Pelabuhan yang bisa menyaingi singapur ! liciknya sama tuh dengan Korsel si boneka AS ,,,

    3. Panser Anoa, yes KCR 40 yes, rudal C-705 / 805 masih impian alias "bodong".
      Bukan modifikasi tapi re - powering engine mesin pendorong pokok dan hanya KRI "OWA" yg dibekali rudal "Yakhont" yg lainnya belum dan belum terintegrasi di SEWACO masih "stand alone"
      1.000 Rudal - Han? Omong kosong alias bullshit kapan dan dimana produsennya, wong bahan baku propelannya masih sulit di cari karena di embargo sana sini oleh "MTCR".
      Proyek KFX/IFX lah itu proyek "mercu suar" pejabat tinggi kita, setelah di delay baru semua sadar bahwa kita kena pesona "Ginseng with Love" Korea Selatan.
      Kita rugi besar karena design awal sudah selesai dibuat oleh SDM kita sudah di serahkan ke pihak Korsel jadi apa mau di kata.
      SDM Korea Selatan sangat ambisius, dapat info technology tinggi pasti di kejar dan tidak peduli setelah mendapatkannya, no thanks, no mercy!!!!
      Kelemahan pejabat kita kalau sudah di "dudukan" dan diberi salam dan rayuan "Ginseng with Love" pasti terlena.

  2. Taruhan cukur rambut, pasti yang dipilih single engine, tanpa internal bay weapon dan tidak stealth, wong misinya cuman buat decoy indonesia supaya duitnya gak buat kerjasama dengan rusia atau china, nah sebagai imbalannya korsel akan dikasih F-35 amrik free of charge karena berhasil melemahkan indonesia

  3. Antek antek CIA mission sukses proyek kfx untuk membungkam nkri supaya jln di tempat ke gampang di putar ini lah hebat sekutu barat jangka panjang bak kalculator ilmu strategi untuk membungkam sebuah negara besar nan cantik kaya tapi yg di atas sennang uang kontan .

  4. seru juga nih baca komen ano ano di atas...para pemuja teori konspirasi hihihih..ga ditambahin sekalian bahwa ini adalah konspirasi zionis? ada megatron yg menyusup?...kontribusi ente apa toh? paling ini juga kalian ngasih komen dari warnet...hadeeehhh para pemuja teori konspirasi wkwkwkkw

    1. Itu bukan Theory Conspiracy tapi sejarah dan perkembangannya memang betul ada.
      Atau anda memang merupakan agen Anti Theory Conspiraxy? Pantas saja kalau begitu.
      Tapi semuanya terserah pada diri anda, yg komentar diatas walau masih "kasar" dan masih diatas permukaan namun termasuk orang yg mengerti dan mereka waspada.
      Lawan anda adalah Rencana Matang Allah swt yg lebih dahsyat dan lebih rinci dan telak akibatnya nanti. Sooner or later.

  5. ano 08.07, Allah justru kasian dengan para pecinta teori konspirasi..kapan majunya? duduk bersila di surau berdoa semalam suntuk supaya peswat diturunkan di halaman? Allah nyuruh usaha brow. Kalau kerjasama dengan korea menimbulkan kerugian, is part of the game? mana ada suatu usaha yg ga ada resikonya?...realistis lah

    1. Allah menyuruh kita berusaha serta belajar maz ano 08.30 berusaha pasti tapi kita juga harus belajar sudah optimalkah apa yg kita lakukan sekarang.

    2. wah anda ano 08.30 kelihatannya pintar tapi masih kurang panjang pikirannya! Anonim 5 Maret 2014 20.30 adalah saya!
      Anda bilang "Kalau kerjasama dengan korea menimbulkan kerugian, is part of the game",,,,, what game exactly are you talking about? kalau tidak ada option lainnya maka statement anda benar,,, tetapi keputusan untuk kerjasama dengan Korea itu diambil padahal banyak pilihan lain seperti dengan Rusia,,, malah sekarang Rusia bersedia untuk buat pabrik di Indonesia ! what more do you want? atau Grippen?
      Kalau kita sudah tahu bahwa didepan kita ada lubang,, maka hanya orang bodoh yang berani jalan terus,,,
      Masalah teori konspirasi ada atau tidak,,, paranoid atau tidak,,, coba tanya pada orang-orang intelijen ,,, jawaban mereka pasti,,, ada atau tidak ada ancaman seperti itu maka wajib hukumnya kita untuk memperhitungkan semua kemungkinan ! that's what intelligence is all about my friend !!! ,,,,,,,,,,, come on let's be smart !!

  6. Minta aja uangnya kembali plus dendanya. Atau gugat perusahaan korsel dan kemenhan korsel, yg sengaja mengulur2 waktu. Minta mrk didenda dlm jumlah besar, nah uang dendanya didepositkan dlm bentuk emas, khan lumayan utk nambah cadangan devisa negara sdgkan uang pokoknya dibelikan atau diinvestasikan utk pengembangan dr proyek IFX dng kombinasi teknologi MIG 35, SU 35,T PAK 50 FA, KFX yg sbgn menggambarkan desain, dan teknologi dr F35 dan F22.

    1. susah brother.. disini terlihat sekali kita sangat membutuhkan mereka..

  7. menunggu sesuatu yg sudah terencana si tenang, kalau ini kita menunggu mereka bergerak, yang entah kapan.

  8. Korsel, semenit yg lalu, menyampaikan statement khusus utk ano2 goblok ID bhw besuk, ifx-103, melaksanakan uji tembak rudal.
    Ano2 sekutu rusia bodoh boleh mencoba!

  9. Indonesia Jangan pernah putus asa untuk maju, sebaiknya persiapkan plan berikutnya yang lebih mandiri tak usah kerja sama. Saya yakin Indonesia bisa.

  10. ah..si ano 09.27 gmn sih...ya kerjasama dgn korea itu ya usaha sekalian belajar (kalau konteks indonesia skrg ya itu dia)..kalau masalah optimal apa ndak...emang indonesia kemaren setor berapa sih? duit terbatas tapi mau yang optimal? tergantung seberara ukuran optimalnya..udah deh sukur nih kita bisa dapet opportunity kayak gini..didukung dan doain aja.

    -penyuka informasi militer, tapi anti militerisme-

  11. Ini lah karna kbykan mwnya yg instan jdnya apa apa hrs dah ada bentuknya. Teknologi tuh beda sama indomie yg di masak lgs jadi. Smua butuh wkt dan pengorbanan jd jgn slalu pesimistik pandangannya. Blm apa apa aja dah komentar ini gagal itu gagal. Kalo nanti pesawatnya dah jadi telen tuh batu kali yg ngmng ngasal

  12. coba kalau ada pembandingnya ya, dengan korea kita udah jalan. boleh donk ditambah kerjasama bangun pesawat dengan Rusia misalnya atau China. jadi bisa dibandingkan head to head mana yg lebih manteb...

  13. Cangkeme sok tau kabeh. Tak granat cocotmu podo tau rasa. Udah pade diem, skolah sd jg gk pda tamat j pke sok tau. Dasar mulut2 sMpah!!!!

    1. Pernyatanmu memperlihatkan kelas muuu ,,, kesian deh !

  14. ano 20.30 dan 22.29, kalo berkongsi mosok ga mau ikut nanggung resiko? mosok apabila project KFX gagal, kita ga belajar satu hal pun dr proyek itu? satu hal pun? really? atau anda ngerasa kita udah bisa bikin jet tempur sendiri saat ini? (someday pasti, optimis) ..lha kalo udah bisa, terus ngapain repot ikutan proyek KFX? (atau ngarepin rusia bikin pabrik disini, misalnya). ongkos R&D emang mahal my friend, dan ga selalu lgs keliatan hasilnya, but lesson learnt is important for the next milestone. Ini untung kita ikutan R&D tanpa hrs menggelontorkan dana sendiri. Saya percaya yg dikirim itu insinyur2 pinter, jgn merendahkan mereka bahwa ga ada satu pelajaran pun yg dapat dipetik dari proyek KFX ini. and i dont implying anything about suggesting gripen. Btw, silahkan kita semua diberi pencerahan soal kebenaran rusia mau invest di sini.

    -penyuka informasi kemiliteran, tapi anti militerisme-

    1. it's not about the TOT and the profesionalsm of our engineers,,, but what concerns me is the way South Korea are playing with time ! dragging on and on ,,, just to buy sometimes untill they know after the comming elections of who is going to be in charge in Indonesia ! if it is a hard liner they will ofcourse drop the project,,, typical Western attitude !!!! do you understand now my friend?

    2. Konsep KFX kita anggap aja untuk belajar jadi pisahkan dengan kebutuhan kita akan pespur masa depan.Mari kita hilangkan atau jangan dipertimbangkan kehadiran kfx dalam inventory senjata kita.Jadi untuk 5 atau 10 th kedepan kita butuh Su 34,Su 35 beserta kelengkapan senjata semaksimal mungkin.Kalo jadi KFX ya sukur kalau enggak ya nothing loss soalnya kita dapat pengalaman dapat merancang pespur semoga kemudian hari bangsa ini mandiri.Bicara pilihan mesin lebih baik beli mesin dari rusia seperti yang selama ini dilakukan china dan tentu kita butuh pesawat dengan mesin ganda soalnya wilayah kita luas beda dengan korea sana.

  15. ano 14.19, wow, sampeyan jadi wong londo ya saiki? ini msh ano 20.30 dan 22.29 kan?...but i have a bad news for you, i refused to understand my friend, now its confirmed, with your "intelligent-spy-styled analysis", you just love a paranoia approach, dont you?. Sounds just like a conspiracy theory eh?. South Korea playing time? well, we talk a lot of money here (especially, south korean taxpayers' money), so do you think their parliament would easily approve the budget ? same here dude, and in fact, same anywhere else in the world, never been easy to deal with parliament! and of course consuming time.....oh ya..quoted from you:"maka Korea Selatan disuruh Barat untuk pura-pura kerjasama membuat pesawat sambil memancing tingkat penguasaan teknologi dirgantara"...whaaaatttt? do you think US concerns on how Indonesia's "technological advance" (anoa, CN 235, SS1 etc.) ?. Hey, make no mistake, I'm really really really proud with our technological achievement (with all domestic problems here)...but no dude, dont compare it with US ! OMG!, what a waste of time for US to spy on our technology capability! not in the same level dude...now please you read ano 16.17, that is a positive, optimistic as well as realistic view in the same time.

    oh yeah, just like i said before, please enlighten us about Rusia's plan to set up a factory in Indonesia.

    -penyuka informasi kemiliteran, tapi anti militerisme-