Jumat, Februari 14, 2014
SINGAPORE-(IDB) : Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled a new heavy-fuel variant of its Heron medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Singapore Airshow on 11 February.

Dubbed Super Heron HF (Heavy Fuel), the upgraded platform features a new 200 hp powerplant from Italian company Diesel Jet (part of the Fiat group). Speaking at the public unveiling, IAI President and CEO Joseph Weiss said the switch from standard aviation fuel over to diesel for the Super Heron was done following customer feedback.

"Customers wanted a less flammable fuel for increased safety," he said

As well as improving safety, the new diesel powerplant has afforded the Super Heron HF a number of performance enhancements, including an increased rate of climb (the service ceiling remains the same as the baseline Heron 1 at 30,000 ft), a top speed of 150 kt (compared to 125 kt), and increased maximum take-off weight of 1,450 kg (compared to 1,250 kg). Further to the new engine, the Super Heron HF features triple-redundant avionic systems, a more varied payload set, and winglets (a first for an IAI UAV). 

These winglets increase the aircraft's endurance beyond the 45 hours of the baseline Heron 1, although Weiss declined to quantify this particular improvement. "The Super Heron HF is faster, stronger, and smarter," said Weiss.

Having made its maiden flight in October 2013, the Super Heron HF has received "real" interest from both current Heron operators and others. "It is already practically operational," Weiss told reporters.

With the Heron 1 having already amassed 1.1 million flight hours (200,000 of which are operational), IAI will continue to market that aircraft alongside the new Super Heron HF. As Weiss explained: "Not every customer wants a heavy-fuel UAV, and some do not want to be the first customer on a new engine." In addition to the Heron 1 and Super Heron HF, IAI will also offer its larger Heron TP which is in the running to fulfil Germany's MALE UAV requirement (the type's other potential launch customer, France, has since opted for the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc MQ-9 Reaper).

As to future developments for the Heron-family, Weiss said that the platform has now reached a level of maturity where further physical changes are no longer needed, and that the company will instead be focusing its efforts on developing new payloads and sensors to enhance its capabilities.

Source : Janes

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  1. Nah ini yg bakal di tempatkan di pontianak nemenin Skuadron UAV Wulung yg sdh ada duluan...

    1. Ciyuss ??? wah.. mantab betul kalo bageto !

    2. ano 14.15, itu UAV yg thn brp buat nya?
      indonesia thn brp pesan nya??
      yg indoneisa pesan itu heron versi lama, bukan super heron,,
      super heron itu produk baru dan baru di pasarkan thn ini keluar israel,

      tau kan spesifikasi heron yg di beli indonesia???
      Maximum speed: 207 km/h (113 knots, 130 mph)
      Range: 350 km (189 nm, 217 mi)
      Service ceiling: 10,000 m (32,800 ft)
      Rate of climb: 150 m/min (492 ft/min)
      Wing loading: 200 kg/m² (40.9 lb/ft²)
      Endurance: 52 hours[31]
      Payload: 250 kg (550 lb)

      bandingkan dengan spesifikasi super heron di atas

  2. Hilang lg deh komen gue capek deh....

    1. SEMANGAT ! SEMANGAT ! :>)

  3. Super Heron atau Heron buat TNI AU tdk jadi masalah, cm beda tipis aja kayak Super Puma dan Puma. Barang canggih kayak gini emang cocok ditaruh dan digelar di Kalimantan, sekalian buat mencari, menjejak, memburu cukong melayu maling kayu dan askar pondan negeri jiran yg suka geser patok. Biar saja TNI AU seperti merasakan sensasi hunter and killer ala IDF saat mencari dan memburu Militan HAMAS.
    Spot with Heron and execution with Super Tucano, fennec, or Apache! pasti askar jaguh kabur ke bilik termenung...