Selasa, September 16, 2014
BRAZIL-(IDB) : In another hole Airpower, this time photographed four turboprops A-29B Super Tucano on September 11 heading for Indonesia. Unfortunately we could only make images of them in the output, with partly cloudy and through the glass of the airport.

This unusual image was offered yesterday on the runway of Los Rodeos. A squadron of flashy Brazilian aircraft Embraer Super Tucano, made in that country and Indonesia road, parked at Los Rodeos calling attention to all that were in these facilities. Not every day you can witness the arrival of an entire squadron of combat. Especially with the striking image that adorns the nose of these turboprop. Each aircraft Embraer Super Tucano costs about € 7,848,448 and can fly a distance of 2,603 nautical miles at a speed of 281 knots

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