Jumat, Agustus 29, 2014
KG TANDUO-(IDB) : Members of the United States and Malaysian armed forces came together to officially open Malaysia – United States Amphibious Exercise 2014 during an opening dinner at Kg Tanduo, Malaysia, Aug. 26.

The exercise, planned over the span of several months, is designed to improve participating forces’ amphibious training, readiness and interoperability.

Approximately 500 Marines and sailors from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit will be partnered with members of the 7th and 22nd Royal Malay Regiments. A small number of planners from Amphibious Squadron Five and the Makin Island Amphibious Ready group will also be partnered with planners from the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Col. Matthew Trollinger, the 11th MEU’s commanding officer, urged participants to use the exercise as an opportunity to learn from each other and to work together.

“The U.S. and Malaysia have shared a longstanding military relationship and we are grateful to build upon that tradition over the next week,” said Trollinger.

Partnered training with the Malaysian Armed Forces includes shipboard familiarization, medical and dental capabilities, weapons familiarization, amphibious rehearsals with ship-to-shore connectors, live-fire ranges, rapid response planning process, execution of an amphibious assault and landing, and reconstitution.

The U.S. military and Malaysian Armed Forces have partnered in counter-terrorism operations since 1985 and have participated in numerous exercises over the years.

MALUS AMPHEX 14 is a realistic and challenging exercise that brings service members closer and improves both nations’ ability to work bilaterally, which better prepares both nations to provide regional and global security.

Source : USMarine

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