Jumat, Mei 02, 2014
JAKARTA-(IDB) : Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said on Friday that he hoped President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s successor would continue to bolster the Indonesian Military’s (TNI) weapon systems in accordance with the Minimum Essential Force (MEF) framework.

“The development of our defense under President Yudhoyono’s leadership has been very strong. I think this deserves people’s appreciation and the program should be continued by the next government,” Purnomo told The Jakarta Post.

The minister added that the successor of Yudhoyono, who will end his second tenure in office in October, should also continue to strengthen Indonesia’s position as a regional power and increase the country’s leverage globally.

“You cannot have soft power without the backing of effective hard power,” Purnomo said.

The MEF is a multi-year concept to develop the TNI’s posture since 2010. Since then, the government has continued to modernize the military’s weaponry in accordance with the economic situation.

Indonesia is targeting the purchase of 128 military aircraft and 12 submarines by 2024.

During the opening of the 2014 National Development Planning Conference (Musrenbangnas) in Jakarta on Wednesday, Yudhoyono applauded the implementation of MEF programs.

The President also said Indonesia would continue to participate in UN peacekeeping forces, with a target of being one of the world’s top ten contributors of troops to the UN.

Source : JakartaPost

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  1. Yah ,makanya pak pesanlah sekarang sebelum SBY turun SU 35,destroyer,ks amur.Jangan rencana aja sign kontraknya,jadi next goverment tinggal tunggu dan bayar.

  2. SS 2 V apa tuh? keren tuh kalo Kopassus yg megang !