Sabtu, April 12, 2014
Chinese weapon has full of opportunities to penetrate the Thai market, after artillery system by WS-1B and WS-32, China continues to offer S-20 submarines for Thailand.

BEIJING-(IDB) : This transaction will be significant because Thailand has no previous experience using submarines. Although he expressed interest in submarine production by China, Thailand however still no official response regarding this invitation.

According to what China claims, submarine S-20 was designed by this country and production, but according to what was published, the S-20 is a copy of the Kilo class submarines from Russia. S-20 has a length of 66 m, a width of 8 m, height 8.2 m, as well water displacement of 1,850 tons when submerged water displacement of 2,300 tons, speed 18 knots/h, distance of journey speed 16 knots/h is 8,000 nautical miles.

S-20 crew of 38 people, independent operation time of 60 days and nights. This double hulled submarine can dive to 300 meters deep. Kilo S-20 similar not only in design but also in superficial details like the wings tail fins help train changes direction.

S-20 is equipped with acoustics stations system to detect changes in frequency, 1 sonar intercept receiver and sound-velocity measuring systems to measure the noise of the ship itself. In addition, the ship has the ability to drop a towed acoustics stations. S-20 is equipped with torpedoes, mine spreader system and anti-ship missiles.

China offered the  S-20 submarine for Thailand for the move to be confirmed on the special relationship the defense sector is the establishment. Earlier China offered Thailand to buy multiple launch rocket system WS-1B and WS-32's.

Kanwa magazine (based in Canada) said, now the Royal Thai Army is considering ordering new multiple launch rocket system WS-1B and WS-32 (in Thailand this naming system is turn in DTI-1 and DTI-1G).

Kanwa adds, besides ordering multiple launch rocket system, Thailand has signed a contract on DTI-1G artillery system connecting  with navigation system of China. With the combination of satellite systems, DT-1G rocket artillery will reduce the error to less than 50m circle.

According to information published by China, rocket artillery system caliber 302mm WS-1B manufacture by China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC). WS-1B is the upgraded version of the WS-1 system with superior range (180km compared with 100km of WS-1 system).

Meanwhile artillery system WS-32 rocket built with the modern navigation technology in order to enhance the ability to attack targets accurately. Rocket chassis is mounted on 6x6 truck chassis with a total of 4 tubes. WS-32 system has a range of 60-150km.

Source : Baodatviet

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