Jumat, Januari 10, 2014
MOSCOW-(IDB) : Second of six diesel submarines of Project 636 type "Varshavyanka" (NATO - Kilo) will be transferred to Vietnam until the end of January, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a source in the military-industrial complex (MIC) of Russia.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in December 2009 announced the signing of a contract for the supply of six Russian submarines of Project 636 in the amount of about $ 2 billion. Performance of all contracts to be completed by 2016.

"Varshavianka" for Vietnam are based on the "Admiralty Shipyards" in St. Petersburg. Two submarines in 2012 were launched.

"In January in St. Petersburg will be signed by the technical act of Handover second submarine series. Next it will be shipped on the lighter and go by sea from the Baltic to the site based in Vietnam" - a spokesman said.

He recalled that in November 2013 on "Admiralty Shipyards" act was signed technical transmission of the first boat series. Late last year, she was taken to Cam Ranh (Vietnam), and in early January, has successfully made the first out of the base into the sea.

"Now continue its acceptance tests, and as soon as they are completed, will be signed by an official act of transfer boat," - said the representative of the CMO.

Project 636 boats belong to the third generation, have a total displacement of 3.1 million tons, 20 knots, dive depth of 300 meters, the crew of 52 people. Their armed with torpedoes caliber of 533 millimeters (six units), mines, missile impact "Club/Calibre". These submarines can detect a target at a distance of three to four times higher than that at which they can be detected by the enemy. During his stealth boat project 636 of NATO experts got the name "black hole".

Source : RIA

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