Kamis, April 03, 2014
NATUNA-(IDB) : The 2014 Komodo multilateral naval exercises of 17 countries that are drawing to a close in Indonesian waters have been very useful to Russia, Mikhail Galuzin, the country’s envoy to Indonesia told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

“The exercise not only allowed Russia to practice cooperation with other participants but, just as important, contributed to a better mutual understanding between sailors from different countries,” Galuzin said.

Russia brought the largest squadron of naval ships to the exercises, including the Marshal Shaposhnikov, Irkut tanker and Alatau service ship.

“This indicates Russia’s particular interest in questions concerning the development of multilateral cooperation in the Pacific Rim, aimed at the promotion of security and stability in the region,” Galuzin said.

Other participants in the joint exercises include Australia, Brunei, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and Japan.

The excercises part of Komodo 2014 simulate disaster-relief maneuvers. They mark the first time all major Asia-Pacific countries have gathered together in an effort to enhance cooperation. The exercise kicked off in Indonesia on March 28 and will last until April 3.

Ships from the 17 countries took part in search and rescue operations, practiced first aid measures and the evacuation of people from disaster areas.

The Komodo 2014 closing ceremony is due to take place on Natuna Island on Thursday.

Source : Defencetalk

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